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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Ethics committee to release nothing

Big surprise! Doc Hasting's "do nothing" ethics committee isn't even releasing an interim report. From The Washington Post:
The House ethics committee has all but wrapped up the investigative phase of its probe into the actions of former representative Mark Foley, informing key witnesses that they will not be summoned back for more questioning, lawyers in the case said yesterday.

But those lawyers indicated that the committee is unlikely to release its report on the Florida Republican -- or even an interim memo -- before the Nov. 7 elections.


The Republican members of the investigative panel -- committee Chairman Doc Hastings (Wash.) and Rep. Judy Biggert (Ill.) -- did not dwell on the origins of the e-mails or on the leaks. Likewise, the Democratic members, Berman and Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (Ohio), did not press their party's charges that the Republicans covered up Foley's actions to protect his House seat.
The article is almost fawning in its praise for the ethics committee. I'm not so charitable, given how the committee was rendered utterly inoperable by the Republicans and is only now emerging from its slumber. Funny how a looming electoral disaster tends to get people off the dime.

I suppose the Democrats on the committee don't have much room to operate, and they might as well let the GOP keep digging their own grave. Still, it's somewhat maddening. The only people in the entire country who can't acknowledge what happened are the members of the committee.

The American people deserve to know what Dennis Hastert and House leadership knew about Foley's chasing of young men, and why they didn't do anything about it. The fact that Doc Hasting's ethics committee has chosen to be silent through election day speaks volumes.

It's also worth noting that Foley could leave rehab on or about Nov. 1, although it's not clear at this point what his plans are. It's hard to imagine Republicans want him anywhere near a television camera, but then again, as things get increasingly bleak for the GOP you never know what they'll pull.

Maybe they'll put him on Dancing With the Stars.

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