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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Don't herniate yourself on that ballot

With ballots out, King County voters should try to remember to affix 63 cents to mailed ballots because the ballot is too heavy.

The Post Office has agreed to deliver ballots that lack sufficient postage, according to the AP article, and the county will pay the postage due.
If no voters put the extra postage on the King County ballots, and all of the county's 595,000 absentee voters participated, the county's bill would be nearly $143,000.
Shouldn't the Post Office just deliver the ballots anyway? I know, I know. Operating costs, etc. But shouldn't each American citizen get one franked piece of mail per year for their ballot? We can start a new group, Citizens for a Citizens' Frank, or Franking for the People. (Frankly those are stupid names.)

Citizens for Franks! (And Beans?)

One method, though, might be to eliminate boring Congressional "newsletters," which are pretty much glorifed campaign pieces on both sides of the aisle. Dave Reichert's franking costs could more than cover the extra postage needed in King County.

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