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Monday, October 09, 2006

Dave Reichert and the GOP: desperate hypocrites resort to desperate measures

Dave Reichert has finally released his first ad, but it's not what you might expect.

You might immediately think at first - is it a glowing profile of the incumbent? No.

Well then, surely it has to be a review of Patty Murray's accomplishments that Reichert's been trying to take credit for? Again the answer is no.

Maybe then it's a glimpse at the out of district law enforcement personnel who have so kindly given ex-Sheriff Dave their endorsement? No.

So then...what is it? Believe it or not, it's an attack ad!

That's right, Dave Reichert is so desperate that his first television ad, right out of the gate, is a broadside at Darcy Burner. There can no longer be any doubt. Reichert and the GOP are acknowledging with this ad that they are losing. They're desperate, and that's why they created an ad chock full of lies.

Here's the transcript of the audio (video available here):
Voice (female): After weeks of Darcy Burner’s negative campaigning, the Seattle Times cried foul for falsely attacking Dave Reichert’s support of veterans.

Voice (female): Now Burner’s in bigger trouble, pushing a tax plan that punishes millions.

Voice (female): Higher taxes on families. Taxes on marriage, on death.

Voice (female): Burner wants the job, but has no experience, no public service. Calling for taxes we can’t afford.

Voice (female): Dave Reichert’s keeping taxes low, with experience to back it up.

Music: upbeat, hopeful

Voice (Dave Reichert): I’m Dave Reichert and I approved this message.
Dave Reichert had the audacity to give his approval to the same lies that the NRCC is spewing about Darcy. There is no defense for Reichert now. He is fully complicit and just as guilty of the lying that his surrogates are doing.

There are pure scare tactics designed to intimidate voters. But this is nothing new. Republicans have been using fear as a weapon for years. "If you vote for the Democrats, America will be less safe. (Hint - you don't want another terrorist attack, do you?)" "If you vote for the Democrats, your taxes will go up."

Let's get the facts straight here: it is in fact the Republicans and Dave Reichert who cannot be trusted with our nation's finances. Republicans have doled out tax breaks to the rich, while giving next to nothing to middle and low income families. Republicans are creating taxes on future generations with their incredible deficit spending and fiscal mismanagement.

Republicans reward their corporate and special interest friends with big subsidies and giveaways. They let corporate lawyers write our laws and let corporate executives have at our natural resources and public lands.

The conservative agenda has been a disaster for America. Dave Reichert has been a disaster. We can't afford to have someone in Congress who only does what the House Republican leadership tells him to. The same leadership, remember, that is more interested in winning elections then locking up sex predators.

Dave Reichert and the GOP are lying, whining hypocrites. That they dare to accuse Darcy of "negative campaigning" is outrageous when they aren't even doing any positive campaigning.

I wrote on Saturday that Republican lies must not go unchallenged. It is crucial tthat we refute this nonsense everywhere. If you have friends or family in the 8th District, let them know that Dave Reichert and his GOP cronies are lying.

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