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Monday, October 09, 2006

Darcy Burner on Paula Zahn Now

I was watching CNN about an hour ago and was rather surprised to see a report about how the fallout from Foleygate could result in the religious right's followers staying home on election day.

CNN, surprisingly, had selected the Rev. Fuiten's Cedar Park Assembly of God as the megachurch from which to report from. CNN asked a few of the churchgoers if the Foley scandal would keep them from voting in November, and all of them said no.

I suspect that they could have been advised to say so by their leaders. And yes, that's speculation, but there was something about the way all of them spoke which indicated to me they'd received some instruction on what sound bites to give reporters.

In any case, I was even more surprised, midway through the report, to see a change of scenery: from inside Fuiten's church to inside Darcy Burner's campaign office in Bellevue, where the same CNN reporter was shown interviewing Darcy about her campaign. They only aired maybe half a minute of what was obviously a longer interview but it was a good clip.

During the interview they also showed the footage of Reichert climbing down Air Force One with George W. Bush - in semi slow motion.

This is, of course, another sign that this race is attracting national attention, and that Dave Reichert is extremely vulnerable.

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