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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Columbian endorses Senator Cantwell

From Vancouver comes news that The Columbian has endorsed Cantwell. They were respectful to McGavick, which is fine. Here's some of the meat of the editorial:
Cantwell's environmental credentials are clearly superior to McGavick's. She has a lifetime voting record of 86 out of 100 on the League of Conservation Voters' scorecard. She opposed increased oil-tanker traffic in Puget Sound and was on the right side on the ANWR drilling issue, which she led. McGavick, on the other hand, agrees with the Bush administration that it should be opened up for oil exploration. He goes further and faults Cantwell for being "out front" in opposing the ANWR drilling because it antagonized the powerful and hot-headed Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, the leading Senate booster of drilling on the refuge. McGavick must want her to sit demurely with her hands folded on her lap and keep her opposition as low-key as possible.

Cantwell's issues might not keep McGavick awake nights, but they're plenty important to Washingtonians. She has, for example, worked to restore methamphetamine-enforcement funds that had been dropped by the Bush administration. As Clark County residents and police know well, the Interstate 5 corridor is a virtual methamphetamine zone from Canada to Mexico.
So there you have it. Hard to say what impact this will have on votes in Clark County, especially given that this stands to be a strong Democratic year. Local wags were pretty tough on Gov. Christine Gregoire for not doing a better job in Clark County during her 2004 campaign, but this is a different year. Cantwell should win Clark County narrowly.

Clark County voters are probably feeling about the same as the rest of the country, namely frustrated and ready for a change in party control of Congress.

Vancouver and Clark County are now classic suburban swing areas. Republicans will still do well in the northern parts of the county, especially the 18th Legislative District, but that will be offset by the motivated Democratic voters in more urban areas.

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