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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Supreme Court incumbents seize early lead

All three of Washington State's incumbent Supreme Court justices are in the lead over their challengers, according to the latest results available at 9:30 PM Pacific Time. Earlier in the evening John Groen was defeating Gerry Alexander, but the Chief Justice has since seized the lead back and widened it in the subsequent hours.

Alexander is currently at 53% while Groen is at 46%.

Susan Owens is also comfortably ahead, 45% to 32%, over challenger Stephen Johnson. Due to the other candidates who filed in this race, both Johnson and Owens will likely move on to the general.

And Justice Tom Chambers is handily beating Jeanette Burrage, 57% to 42%.

The three court of appeals judges facing right wing challengers are all ahead as well.

Meanwhile, Sen. Maria Cantwell is cruising to victory in the primary. Currently she had 91% of the vote (McGavick only has 85%).


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