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Monday, September 11, 2006

Schweitzer's visit "spectacularly good"

One of our longtime readers, bluesky, posted a glowing report in our comment thread about last weekend's benefit in Wenatchee for congressional candidates Peter Goldmark and Richard Wright. It's such a good writeup that I'm reposting it below for the benefit of all our other readers.
It was GREAT fun! The room was packed. There were more people wanting to go than there were dinners, so a few gave up their meals so that more could attend.

I've never seen that many Democrats in one place in this area (more than 450), and what a great feeling in that room. Excitement. Buzz. Righteous anger and optimism. Laughter.

Peter Goldmark spoke for about three minutes, but that was enough to see his mojo working. This guy is going to win. Richard Wright was more fired up than I've EVER seen him. And didn't have his 3 x 5 note cards!

I honestly didn't think he had that gumption, but I guess Goldmark and Schweitzer are contagious. I actually thought, maybe he could whip Dick Doc Hastings...

Speaking of Schweitzer...that guy is spectacularly good. Truly. He had the attention of everyone for more than an hour. Told funny and pointed stories. Told about how he won the governor's office. The first time he had ever been in it was the day he took over, and he threw away the key to the door.

"This office is open to everyone," he stated. And some of what he has done in the short time he has been and populist actions. Immediately put money into education, at all levels. Anyone in Montana who wants to go to college can. Put a one dollar tax on each pack of cigarettes, which goes to health care for children.

The history of the first Montanans is now taught from first through the 12th grades throughout the state, so that the new Montanans will know some of the 10,000 years of cultural history. He has so many ideas of how to run the government for the people and for the nation... Oh SWOON!

Since the Republicans can't get to him on his record (because most people in Montana agree with what he has been doing) they try to nail him for wearing jeans and boots to work and bring his dog to his office every day.

His dog, (a border collie, I think he said), can spot a lobbyist from 40 feet, and growls at them before he takes his place under the desk. Schweitzer does not take PAC money. He went out and earned all his donations from the people of Montana. And that's how they met him and he met them.

AND, he is having a good time! I want to move to, we need to find more people like him to spread around the country.

And then he auctioned off his silver bolo, proceeds to go to Wright. On top of everything else, he is a gifted auctioneer, and hilarious. He got $2,000 out of that crowd!

He is a treasure in the Treasure State. I hope someone taped his talk tonight. Someday soon, I have a feeling everyone will hear him speak.
Indeed. I met Governor Schweitzer in person when he came to Seattle a year ago for the Progressive States Network kickoff, and I thought to myself, I don't know if I've ever seen a Democratic leader who is so authentic, approachable, and friendly.

We're fortunate that our three congressional challengers (Burner, Goldmark, and Wright) share those traits. They will all make excellent representatives...we just need to get them elected.

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