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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Primary Results Update

There's been a few developments in some of the key races in the primary:
  • John Groen has conceded defeat to Gerry Alexander. Alexander continues to lead in the returns, 54% to 45%. The BIAW, for its part, seems unconcerned that its negative ad barrage failed, and is threatening to drag future judicial contests into the gutter.
  • Justice Tom Chambers widened his lead over challenger Jeanette Burrage and has almost 60% of the vote, according to the most recent returns.
  • All three of the incumbent Court of Appeals judges we endorsed who were facing right wing challengers won their primaries with ease (to be more specific, Joel Penoyar, Christine Quinn-Brintall, and Mary Kay Becker).
  • In the 43rd, Jamie Pedersen remains in the lead with 24% of the vote, trailed by Jim Street (22%) and Bill Sherman (17%).
  • Legislative candidates we endorsed who won their primaries: Al O'Brien, Claudia Kauffman, Deb Eddy, Darlene Fairley
  • Legislative candidates we endorsed who lost or appear to have lost their primaries: Dick Kelley, Kyle Taylor Lucas, Jack Burkman, Lillian Kaufer
Now it's on to the general election. In November we will decide a U.S. Senate seat, nine races for Congress, three seats on the Supreme Court, eight Court of Appeals races, five Superior Court seats, ninety-eight races for State House, and twenty-two for the State Senate. Additionally, we will vote on three statewide ballot initiatives, two of which are horribly destructive.

(It's worth noting, though, that many of the judicial races have already been decided because only one or two candidates filed in the primary).

There are only a few weeks left. Autumn is here - and so are the midterm elections.

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