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Friday, September 15, 2006

Oregon right wing religious group runs afoul of U.S. tax law

Our friends down south in the Beaver State have uncovered yet another example of the "it's OK if you're a right winger" phenomenon:
Over in Oregon's 30th House District, constituents have been recieving phone calls asking if folks will put up a lawn sign on behalf of GOP candidate Everett Curry. Curry is running for an open seat against Democrat David Edwards.

This is no great shakes on its face. It's common practice to cold call people in a district in an attempt to garner their support.

The funny part about this call however was that it appears to have come from a tax-exempt religious organization. That would make it illegal.
Carla's got more at Loaded Orygun, including the message in question, her subsequent investigation, and findings. Great work!

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