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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The numbers aren't what you think they are

As of 10:25 PM Pacific Time, King County has still not posted any results from precinct polling sites. All that's up are stale absentee numbers that are hours old.

King County Elections says that it's taking longer this year to process returns this year - and here is why:
Poll results are expected to come in later this year. With new, accessible voting units, closing the polls will take longer. In addition, new requirements mean the county will not modem results from King County’s 508 polling places. Instead, poll results will be manually uploaded beginning around 10 p.m. and continue until 98-to-100 percent of polling places are reported online.
Except that 10 PM has come and gone, and there is no new information available almost a half hour later.

A lot of the results in key races are almost entirely meaningless because what has been reported is a small percentage of the total votes cast. Stay tuned...

UPDATE: As of 10:48 PM, a few new returns have trickled in, but the numbers remain inconclusive. The data in the statewide races is more conclusive, however, since the results are combined from 39 counties.

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