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Sunday, September 10, 2006

NPI launches 2006 Elections Center, releases endorsements in judicial races

Today, the Northwest Progressive Institute is pleased to announce the debut of our 2006 Elections Center - which provides the latest news and analysis on local, state, and federal races across the Pacific Northwest.

The Elections Center has dual blog feeds for Washington and Oregon bringing you the latest election-related news from Pacific Northwest Portal syndicate members. It also has links to Washington Defense and Permanent Defense.

Key information, such as election dates, how to register to vote, candidate filings, and other resources can also be found there.

An important page accessible from the Elections Center is our 2006 Supported Candidates Overview page. This page highlights key candidates we support in this election cycle and includes a picture of the candidate, the office they're running for, and contribute/volunteer links.

Additionally, the Elections Center is the place to go to find our endorsements for key races. And with the launch of today's Elections Center, we are also pleased to announce our endorsements in Evergreen State judicial races for the September 19th primary.

State Supreme Court
  • Position 2: Susan Owens
  • Position 8: Justice Gerry Alexander
  • Position 9: Justice Tom Chambers
Court of Appeals
  • Division I, District #3, Position #1: Judge Mary Kay Becker
  • Division II, District #2, Position #3: Judge Christine Quinn-Brintall
  • Court of Appeals Div. II, Dist. #3, Pos. #1: Judge Joel Penoyar
On our page for judicial races, you'll find our statements concerning each endorsement, links to the endorsed candidates' websites, and a listing of other notable endorsements the candidate has received. We will repost this list on Primary Election Day and remind you that it's accessible from the Elections Center.

We will next be releasing our endorsements in Democratic legislative contests.

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