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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

More results are in

To their credit, the team at King County Elections apparently worked through the night to get the election returns uploaded and available to the public.

The latest returns have not changed many of the outcomes, although the results are certainly more conclusive now that all the poll precincts have been counted.

In the statewide races, the totals have remained virtually unchanged. Gerry Alexander and Tom Chambers appear victorious, having defeated their right wing challengers. Susan Owens and Stephen Johnson will move on to the general election.

The three Court of Appeals judges facing right wing challengers (Penoyar, Becker, Quinn-Brintall) were handily winning as well, according to the most recent information. Despite a flood of negative ads and gutter politics from the right, the incumbents appear to have carried the day. That's a huge relief.

In the 43rd, Jamie Pederson is still the top vote-getter, although he is closely trailed by Jim Street. This race is definitely too close to call and it will likely be decided by the late absentees. Bill Sherman is third, while all the other candidates are behind in the distance with less than 15% of the vote.

In the 44th, Lillian Kaufer is unfortunately losing to Steve Hobbs, although the counting of new ballots could change that result. In the 47th, Claudia Kauffman appears to be doing quite well against Ed Crawford.

In the 35th, Kyle Taylor Lucas is losing to Tim Sheldon, the Democratic traitor who is really a Republican in disguise - however, Sheldon shouldn't be celebrating yet. The last tabulations were early last night and new ballots could change the result.

Complete results for all the races we're watching are available at Pacific NW Portal.

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