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Friday, September 01, 2006

McGavick's confession was deceitful

Just like Tim Eyman, Mike McGavick is a right wing politician who has a lot of trouble telling the truth:
A 1993 Maryland police report, obtained Friday, shows that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike McGavick was less candid than he seemed last week when he disclosed a previously unknown arrest for drunk driving.

For example, in a sketchy, four-sentence description of the incident on his campaign Web site Aug. 24, McGavick wrote that he was stopped when he "cut a yellow light too close in 1993" while driving home with Gaelynn, now his wife.

The Montgomery County, Md., police officer who arrested him Nov. 21, 1993, said in his report that he saw McGavick "drive through a steady red light."

The candidate, who is running against Democratic Sen. Maria Cantwell, said in an interview last week that he was issued a citation but wasn't arrested.

But the police report and a police spokesman Friday said McGavick was placed under arrest, handcuffed, driven to a district police station and handcuffed to a desk while he was questioned and signed various forms.
Neil Modie has more, if you follow the link. It doesn't come as any surprise - in fact, it's par for the course. Mike McGavick is running on civility and yet he can't even give a truthful confession - it had to be a stunt orchestrated to generate sympathy and praise from persuadable pundits.

The DUI arrest McGavick admitted casts doubts about his integrity and moral judgment. According to the evidence we have, Mike McGavick and his wife were both drunk - not tipsy, mind you, but drunk. They'd had way too much to drink.

Yet Mike McGavick made the decision to get behind the wheel of a car. It was an unwise thing to do, it was an illegal thing to do, and it was an immoral thing to do. And he did get caught.

Over a decade later, in his campaign for U.S. Senate, McGavick confessed this and other personal transgressions in a gimmick designed to bolster his credibility and win him new admirers who are tired of corruption and dishonesty in politics.

Sadly, even though Mike McGavick himself opened his own can of worms, he did so half heartedly and untruthfully.

The U.S. Senate is already crammed with dishonest Republicans. Washington State needs a senator who will provide leadership, show courage, and hold the administration accountable. And the person to do the job is Maria Cantwell - not Mike McGavick.

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