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Monday, September 04, 2006

Live From Town Hall: Elected Officials Speak

We've just finished hearing from three of our most important elected officials - Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, and Jim McDermott.

Here's some excerpts from Patty Murray's speech:
"We're spending a lot of money on emergencies around the world, but we're not spending money on emergencies here at home. A lot of people look at those challenges and give up, but that's not what the people in this room are going to do. We're going to wake up!"

"We want our friends who traveled across the country to know that we've got one of the most progressive minimum wages in the country."

"We offer proof that strong businesses, strong workers, and strong communities can go hand in hand."

"What we're saying is that the largest company in America and one of the most profitable can afford to do better."

"We all know that the Bush administration is no friend to working people."

"This November is our chance to put this country back in the proper direction."
Senator Cantwell:
"This Senator wants to be standing on the Senate floor in 2007 fighting the privatization of Social Security."

"This is about the cost of living and Wal-Mart paying a decent minimum wage."

"Instead of opening up the gates of opportunity in education, this administration is slamming them shut...We have to change that!"

"When there is not transparency on drug costs...there is mischief that happens."

"i don't understand why people in America can't have access to the same health care plan that a United States Senator has."

"I want to thank the organizers for bringing this tour here. Seattle has a way of making things happen."
Congressman Jim McDermott:
"After 35 cities, I'm glad to say you saved the best for last."

"When we lose sight of the common good - something to take care of all of us - Wal-Mart thinks it can make $11 billion dollars and not take care of its employees."

"We've got five million more people in this country in poverty since Bill Clinton left office at the beginning of 2000."

"Can you dream of something better than this? Can you believe a country can have health insurance for everybody? Can you believe we could have a living wage?"

"We are coming to an election...we need to reelect Maria and elect Darcy Burner across the lake."
So long from Town Hall....I'm signing off, as the event has ended.

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