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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A few reminders....

A few things we'd like to mention briefly:
  • If you vote by mail, you've probably already received your absentee ballot for next week's primary election. Of critical importance in the primary are the judicial races, especially the three contests for Supreme Court. We released our endorsements in statewide and regional judicial races early this week, all conveniently available on one web page. This is a good place to refer fellow voters who don't know which candidates to vote for
  • Does free email, chat, and calendar (with generous storage limits) sound good to you? Read more and or sign up for NWroots, a new communications service for progressive activists.
  • If you haven't heard our podcast interview from earlier this month with Paul Blank of WakeUp WalMart, why not listen or download it now? You can also subscribe to our podcast here, or click the button to do so in Members of NPI - Northwest Progressive Institute - Northwest Progressive Institute
There are only eight weeks left until the general election.

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