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Monday, September 18, 2006

Family farmers oppose Initiative 933

The NO on Initiative 933 coalition, of which NPI's Permanent Defense is a member, has released its first TV ad, viewable here (Adobe Flash Player required). It's short, sweet, and very informative.

The ad features Dave Hedlin, who speaks for the hundreds of family farmers across Washington State who have announced their opposition to this special interest giveaway to greedy developers. Endorsers include:
  • Blue Heron Farm
  • Buty Winery
  • Craven Farms
  • Farm Bank Project
  • Farms Northwest, Inc.
  • Finest Kind Orchards
  • Gordon Dairy
  • Hart's Nursery, Inc.
  • Kirsop Farm
  • Lark Haven Farm
  • Mesman Farm
  • Mother Flight Farm
  • Nash's Produce
  • Olympia Food Co-op
  • PCC Farmland Trust
  • PCC Natural Markets
  • Skagitonians to Preserve Farmland
  • Sunny Pine Farm
  • T&T Orchards Inc.
  • Taylor Shellfish
  • Tilth Producers of Washington
  • Twin Tails Farm
  • United Farm Workers
  • Western Students for Sustainable Food
  • Western Washington Agricultural Association
  • Whatcom County Agricultural Preservation Committee
  • Winlock Meadows Farm
  • Woodward Canyon Winery
I-933 is not the answer to problems in state and local land use laws. It is absolutely critical that we defeat Initiative 933 this November and protect our quality of life.

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