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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Carl Ballard is back in action

On Friday we announced that Carl Ballard's new blog, EFFin' Unsound, has become the newest member of the Pacific Northwest Portal syndicate. Today I want to take the opportunity to point out one of the posts Carl wrote over the weekend - a critique of a recent press release issued by the state Republicans.

Carl explains why it's so ridiculous than Republicans, including Diane Tebelius, are celebrating (and salivating) over State Senator Tim (Zell) Sheldon's win in the primary over progressive challenger Kyle Taylor Lucas.

He also exposes their hypocrisy - calling Dwight Pelz and the Democratic Party "intolerant" while heaping praise on Mike McGavick's faux campaign of "civility".

I hope EFFin' Unsound is here to stay - because I'm really glad to see that Carl Ballard is back in action. He is an indispensable voice in the local blogosphere.

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