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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Who will stand with Lamont and the netroots?

A lot of high profile Democrats across the country are now stepping forward and announcing or pledging their support for the Democratic nominee in the Connecticut primary - Ned Lamont:
True Democrats will stand with Ned Lamont, the Democratic nominee, not EGO Joe Lieberman, George W. Bush's favorite "independent".

UPDATE, BREAKING NEWS! Our own Senator Maria Cantwell has just released a statement through her campaign:
"I congratulate Ned Lamont on his victory last night. I respect the decision of the Connecticut Democrats in choosing their nominee and I will support him."
Well done, Senator, well done! Let it be known far and wide that Ned Lamont is the Democratic nominee in the great state of Connecticut, and that Joe Lieberman is no longer a Democrat - not even in name!

UPDATE II: Cantwell's opponent, Mike McGavick, has announced his support of EGO Joementum - what a big surprise:
"We don't have to agree on all issues, but this nation is desperate for leaders that will look beyond their party leaders to help our families and communities-even if it might put their own re-election in doubt. In support of Sen. Lieberman's campaign for civility, I wish him the best, and Gaelynn and I plan on contributing to his campaign."
You do that, Mike. In November, we will defeat you here in Washington and get rid of Joe once and for all in Connecticut.

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