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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Peter Goldmark posts to DailyKos

Peter Goldmark, our outstanding candidate out in Washington's 5th Congressional District, has posted a diary at Daily Kos sharing his background and vision for Eastern Washington and the United States. An excerpt:
As I talk with people in the district, it's clear to me that we are ready for assertive change in Eastern Washington. I am listening to your voices, and I'm eager to represent your interests with my experience, energy and ideas.

A vote for Peter Goldmark is a vote for:
  • a leader who listens to voters, speaks out for their interests, thinks independently,
  • a leader who asks tough questions and faces tough issues head-on,
  • a leader who has run an successful business and ranch,
  • a leader who knows the challenges of running a family farm and making ends meet.
  • a leader with integrity and ethics who will work hard for the Fifth District.
Just like working at the ranch, there are always more campaign tasks than hours in the day, but we're making progress every day.
Read the whole thing. If you have an account at Daily Kos, please give it a recommend.

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