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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pacific NW Portal Version 4.1 Launched

We've finished some minor tweaks to Pacific Northwest Portal today, including the deployment of a new syndicate member.

As a result of Will's decision to close down his blog (Pike Place Politics), we found it necessary to once again begin a search for a replacement to fill in the gap on the Washington Outlook page. We have come to a decision.

Pike Place Politics will be succeeded by EWPolitics, run by Gerald Toompas from the eastern half of the Evergreen State. Gerald has been doing a good job of covering the happenings in the Peter Goldmark for Congress campaign and we're pleased to welcome him to the syndicate.

We've also improved our unique Daily Kos diary tracker, found on the Highlights page. The tracker's search capabilities have been significantly expanded. It is now able to automatically identify many new diarists from the Pacific Northwest and aggregate their posts.

And finally, we've also upgraded our filtering technology to ensure that right wing websites continue to be filtered out of our traditional media news wires.

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