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Monday, August 14, 2006

Nominate Peter Goldmark on DailyKos

DavidNYC has a post on DailyKos asking for nominations for candidates who should be "Netroots Endorsed". Candidates who are "Netroots Endorsed" are listed on the ActBlue page for major blogs, including Daily Kos and MyDD. Please leave a comment on Daily Kos seconding a nomination for Peter Goldmark.

Peter Goldmark is the sole Democrat running for Congress in Washington's 5th Congressional District. Goldmark, of Okanagan, Washington, is a rancher and founder of a biotechnology research laboratory, DJR Research, Inc. Lake Research has released polling that shows he can win the district.

And Goldmark has also shown an interest in engaging bloggers and grassroots activists not only in the 5th, but throughout the state. Goldmark is very similiar to Montana Democrats Brian Schweitzer and Jon Tester. This is a unique opportunity for the national netroots to invest in another competitive race out West. Click here to leave a comment in support of Peter.

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