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Friday, August 25, 2006

Loaded Orygun makes waves

Congratulations to our friends TJ and Carla from Loaded Orygun, who have been catching the eye of the Oregon traditional/corporate media lately. From the Salem Statesman-Journal:
Democrats and liberal bloggers are attacking state Rep. Billy Dalto, R-Salem, for hiring his mother -- a Latin jazz vocalist from New York City -- as his legislative aide last summer, just as she was experiencing financial woes.

The issue could pose a problem for Dalto's re-election race against Democrat Brian Clem. It widely is considered one of a handful of House races that could tilt control of the chamber in November.

Republicans control the House with a 33-27 majority, but Democrats expect to make gains in the fall.


The issue grew political legs July 28, when liberal blog Loaded Orygun revealed that Adela Dalto had filed for bankruptcy right after she was hired by her son and failed to report her legislative income in bankruptcy filings.
(Emphasis is mine). The reporter who wrote the story, Steve Law, did not bother contacting TJ or Carla for a quote.

Still, a mention is a mention, and kudos to both of them for making Loaded Orygun a must read blog for the Beaver State political establishment!

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