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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lamont holds narrow lead with 70% of precincts reporting

We're past the halfway point, and the results don't seem to be changing much - Lamont's lead is hovering at about 52%, while Lieberman is at about 48%. The Lieberman camp, while somber and unhappy, does not appear ready to concede for the sake of Democratic unity. Reports the New York Times:
With a record number of Democrats voting, both campaigns and state officials said at 9:30 p.m. that it was too early to call the race for either candidate. While Lieberman advisers made grim predictions of defeat in interviews, they also held out hope for an unexpected boost from late returns in Hartford, New Haven, and other traditional strongholds for Mr. Lieberman.

"Senator Lieberman realizes that the early returns show him slightly behind, but his mood is up, he’s looking ahead, and he’s going to be a Democratic senator whether he wins tonight or wins in November," said Lanny J. Davis, a friend and adviser to Mr. Lieberman, in a telephone interview after leaving Mr. Lieberman’s hotel suite in Hartford.
The Hartford Courant has additional coverage. This primary is torpedoing the trend from other states, and breaking records in Connecticut.

UPDATE: Lanny is now giving an arrogant interview to WTIC in Connecticut filled with distortions and absurd analogies, dismising Lamont as a one issue candidate and remarking that "nobody knows who he is". Well, if that's true, then why is Lamont winning? Explain that, Mr. Davis.

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