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Saturday, August 05, 2006

In Brief - August 5th, 2006

Here is today's extended news digest:
  • Team Cantwell has launched a new campaign ad, "Sound", which highlights the Senator's efforts to protect Puget Sound from people like Ted Stevens, who wants increase supertanker traffic. You can watch it here.
  • The Cantwell campaign has also just announced that the Senator will kick off the August recess with a a statewide tour where supporters will have the opportunity to listen to her speak and personally thank her for putting Washington State first. The first one is tomorrow in Seattle at 11:30 AM at 152 Denny Way.
  • It's been a busy week in the U.S. Senate. On Thursday night, the Senate passed an amendment introduced by Joe Biden of Delware and our own Maria Cantwell. It prohibits the establishment of permanent U.S. military installations in Iraq and forbids the U.S. government from exercising control over Iraq's oil resources. The amendment is included in a pending Defense Department funding bill. Here's what Cantwell had to say:
    "I do not support having permanent military presence in Iraq. I want our troops home as soon as possible. We need to encourage the Iraqis to take complete control of their own security as soon as possible so U.S. troops can come home. Building permanent bases in Iraq would not get us closer to this goal and it would send the wrong message to the Iraqi people, our allies, and the world about U.S. goals to have Iraqis control their own defense."
    Doesn't sound like the kind of thing Mike! McGavick! would say, does it? Nope. Mike just wants us to "stay the course." And, while I'm mentioning good 'ol Mike!, check out this post by The Stranger's Josh Feit on McGavick's support for "teaching the controversy" (meaning, teach creationism in science classrooms)
  • Representative John Conyers blogs about a newly released, must read special report entitled "Constitution in Crisis".
  • Listen to interviews with Governor Christine Gregoire and Darcy Burner on the latest Doublespeak episode.
  • New polling out from Lake Research shows that Goldmark has a fighting chance in the 5th Congressional District against Cathy McMorris.
  • Somebody is push polling in the 8th District for Dave Reichert and the Republicans with incredibly loaded questions.
  • Get your fill of the latest happenings in the Connecticut Senate primary race from Lamontblog. There's only two more days before the August 8th primary, and both sides are now working furiously on their GOTV (Get Out the Vote) operation. Don't underestimate Lieberman's paid force!
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