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Monday, August 28, 2006

In Brief - August 28th, 2006

Here is today's quick news digest:
  • Congressional Quarterly today upgraded its rating of the race for Washington’s 5th Congressional District to "Republican Favored" from "Safe Republican". CQ, which also interviewed Goldmark, says that he is is a "credible threat" to freshman incumbent Cathy McMorris.
  • McCranium also has an interview with Peter Goldmark that's definitely worth reading. If you're inspired to help Goldmark (and we hope you are) then you can send him your most generous financial contribution here.
  • David Goldstein has posted a succinct analysis of ex-Safeco CEO Mike McGavick's strategy of avoiding the issues in his bid to become George W. Bush's next rubber stamp in the U.S. Senate.
  • John Kerry is sending out an email tomorrow to hundreds of thousands of Democratic donors, urging them to contribute money to the campaign of Democratic Rep. Ted Strickland, who is running for Governor of Ohio. The email slams current Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, reading in part "he used the power of his state office to try to intimidate Ohioans and suppress the Democratic vote." Hard to say with any certainty that the election was stolen, but it's sure hard to dispute that Republicans cheated.
  • Chris Bowers has posted an interesting House Forecast at MyDD (PDF) which contains his predictions for the outcome of congressional races across the country. Burner and Grant are in the forecast, but Goldmark didn't make it.
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