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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gregoire vows to fight right wing initiatives

Governor Christine Gregoire has become quite the outstanding leader (excerpts from yesterday's AP article):
Gov. Chris Gregoire vowed Monday to help defeat three prospective ballot measures with conservative roots, including Tim Eyman's troubled third run at $30 car tabs.

In a news conference, Gregoire reinforced her opposition to Initiative 933, the Washington Farm Bureau measure that says government should pay landowners for regulations that damage property values, or waive those laws.

Gregoire also opposes Eyman's I-917 and the small-business-endorsed [NOTE: This is misleading. A right wing federation which purports to represent small businesses has endorsed] I-920, which would repeal Washington's estate tax.

The estate tax measure would siphon money away from a special account pegged to education, which is needed to maintain voter-mandated class size limits, Gregoire said.

"I think it's appropriate that those who have prospered in this state contribute to the work force needs of tomorrow, and that's to ensure they leave a legacy by making sure our children have the kind of quality education we need to compete," Gregoire said.

Gregoire said Eyman's measure would harm transportation by cutting available construction money.

"I hope it doesn't qualify. If it does qualify, I will fight it" in the same way she opposed efforts to repeal state gas tax increases last year, Gregoire said.
Gregoire also reiterated her commitment to a fair and independent judiciary, and denounced any tricks being played by individuals such as Michael Johnson (who have filed to run in Susan Owens' race).

The Governor's leadership and willingness to speak against all 3 of these deplorable right wing initiatives is commendable. Her predecessor, Gary Locke, seemed paralyzed by Tim Eyman and never responded in a strong fashion to attacks on the state's communities and treasury.

Thank goodness our Governor is ready to fight this garbage that's been put on the ballot thanks to armies of mercenaries financed by right wing millionaires.

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