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Friday, August 18, 2006

Democrats need to wake up

The presidential election of July 2 is not over in Mexico. Widespread irregularities have been documented. Manuel Lopez Obrador and millions of his supporters are demanding a vote-by-vote recount. The elections commission has authorized a recount of only 9 percent of the polling places.

Election fraud is an issue that needs to be front and center in the USA in November. We need an alert press, and an alert public.

Why no complete recount? What is the downside of a damned recount?

The only downside is a potential loss for the right-wing candidate Felipe Calderon. If he wins a recount, he has legitimacy. If he loses, democracy has won.

In the States, aside from the generous insult to our neighbors to the south by ignoring this event, the downside is the bungling of a chance to prepare the public and a listless media for shenanigans when our own elections roll around. Democrats need to say this is a serious problem. We need to say we are not going to interfere, but if the same situation occurred in the United States, we would want a recount. Elections are the most important process of a representative government. They are just short of sacred. They need to be completely above suspicion.

If Democrats want to say more (and they don't have to) they can roll out a list of improvements, such as at Vote Trust USA (who also are ignoring this event). They definitely need to stop short of whining about the last election. Let the press "discover" those events. It shouldn't be hard.

We posted on this when the election commission rolled out its partial recount decision and the occupation of Mexico City began. Lopez Obrador is not a sore loser. He knows he has won. If he hasn't, what's the problem with showing him?

Where the hell is John Kerry on this?
Where is Al Gore?
Jimmy Carter?

This is the time to stand up.

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