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Thursday, August 24, 2006

BREAKING: McGavick reveals DUI

Mike McGavick, in a posting today on his campaign blog, revealed several "personal failures" in his life (as he called them), including a DUI:
The second terrible mistake, which was difficult to discuss with my teenage son, was that I was cited for DUI when I cut a yellow light too close in 1993. I was driving Gaelynn home from several celebrations honoring our new relationship and should not have gotten behind the wheel. Thankfully, there was no accident, but it still haunts me that I put other people at risk by driving while impaired. All in all, it was and remains a humbling and powerful event in my life.
McGavick's whole post is here. The revelation was the headline story on KING 5's five o'clock broadcast this evening (and probably other channels as well).

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