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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Beware of security changes at SeaTac

To our greater Seattle area readers: if you're flying this weekend or anytime soon, you need to be aware of new restrictions that have just been implemented at Seattle Tacoma International Airport (and airports across the country):
Because of events in the UK overnight, security levels at US airports have been changed.

Liquids, creams or gels are banned in carry-on luggage. The exceptions are medication in the original prescription bottle and baby formula.

Passengers are still allowed to buy beverages post-security, but will not be able to take them on aircraft.

Travelers may see an increased police presence in the airport, and other additional security measures are being taken.

There has been some confusion about the changes in security because of reports in the international media about rules in the UK. The best information about rules applying to US air travel can be found here.
The new restrictions are creating long lines, unfortunately, so make sure you don't have any of the newly restricted items in your carry on bags, and get to the airport early.

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