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Saturday, July 15, 2006

So what do you have to say now, Stefan?

As I gleefully skim over the numbers comparing Darcy Burner and Dave Reichert's second quarter fundraising totals, I can't help but wonder what unSoundPolitics' creator Stefan Sharkansky must be thinking right now. Is he shocked? Dismayed? Baffled? Frustrated? Filled with the realization that his candidate is in trouble?

Maybe it's all of the above.

Today we learned that Darcy Burner continued to outraise Dave Reichert and bested his fundraising team again - this time for the second quarter.

Dave Reichert's latest filings reveal that Darcy Burner outraised him by $20,000 and has narrowed his cash on hand lead to a mere $340,000 - despite a fundraising visit by President Bush (orchestrated by Karl Rove) in mid June.

Reichert reported that he raised $569,077 in the second quarter, compared to
Darcy's $590,561. Reichert has $1.11 million cash on hand and Darcy is
quickly catching up to him with $769,822 cash on hand.

Said Darcy, our hardworking candidate and the next Congresswoman from the 8th:
"This is an amazing demonstration of how ready people are for change. People are really stepping up and showing that President Bush and Reichert's friends in Washington, DC cannot buy this seat."
There can be absolutely no doubt about it: Dave Reichert is in trouble. Big, big, big trouble. Darcy Burner is making this race extremely competitive. And we aim to help her prove that the 8th is a Democratic distrist on Election Day this November.

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