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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Preparations will continue to fight Eyman's Initiative 917

Both Seattle dailies have articles this morning discussing yesterday's news that Tim Eyman's Initiative 917 failed to pass a random sample verification check. The Seattle Times asked the opposition, including NPI's Permanent Defense, how we're going to react - and here's what we said:
Mark Funk, manager for the anti-917 organization Keep Washington Rolling, said he will continue to prepare as if there will be a full campaign. Andrew Villeneuve, founder of the anti-Eyman group Permanent Defense, said activists might even ring doorbells and plant yard signs during the next few weeks of limbo.
As far as we're concerned, Initiative 917 has made the ballot. We're not going to be caught unprepared if it turns out that I-917 has just enough signatures to go before voters when the full count is completed.

If I-917 fails the full count, then we get a pre-Election Day victory over Tim Eyman. But we won't be counting our chickens until they're hatched.

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