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Friday, July 28, 2006

Mike Webb out of control

blatherWatch has the details of Mike Webb's court appearance:
There was no one in the hallway but us when Webb and Larranaga came striding up. It happened fast- Nate started snapping away; Mike ran at him holding his briefcase in front of his face like a hoodlum on a perp walk in a tabloid black & white, swearing and yelling. Mike's poor lawyer, yelled ineffectively, "Mike, Mike!"


Inside, the judge wasn't there yet and as Larranaga and Prosecutor Nancy Balin chatted, Webb turned around, shook his finger at us, made eye contact, and said in a voice low enough so only the two of us could hear, "Watch your back."
Mike Webb is so out of control that Michael Hood sought and received a restraining order for protection against the ex-radio host.

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