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Sunday, July 09, 2006

In Brief - July 9th, 2006

Here is today's quick news digest:

  • Late last week, Ned Lamont and (Democrat in Name Only) Joe Lieberman had their first debate in Connecticut. While the consensus seems to be that nobody won the debate outright, Ned did manage to hold his own against the experienced and entrenched incumbent. Lamont's official blog and Lamontblog have extensive coverage.
  • Dave Reichert was supposed to appear on KUOW last Friday morning. But he chickened out (perhaps because the progressive blogosphere spread the word about his appearance?), so Darcy Burner filled in instead and fielded calls from Puget Sound area citizens.
  • Also on Friday, someone finally gave Ann Coulter the treatment she deserves. Coulter, who was supposed to appear on Adam Carolla's radio show, called in late and told Carolla arrogantly that she was "really tight on time". Carolla responded by saying "All right, well get lost" and then hung up on her mid-sentence. Crooks and Liars has the must-hear audio clip.
  • If you're in a humorous mood after listening to that clip, you might also want to check out this diary by Kossack Dood Abides, who has hilariously spoofed the "Pirates of the Carribbean 2" promotional posters.
  • Not Larry Sabato reports that Democrats are coming together in Virginia after a divisive primary fight between Jim Webb (the victor) and Harris Miller (who lost). Good to hear the party is uniting in other states, too.
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