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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

In Brief - July 11th, 2006 (WA Campaigns Edition)

Here is today's quick news digest, WA campaigns edition:
  • The Cantwell campaign yesterday launched its first TV ad, "First", which focuses on Maria Cantwell's work to protect the people and the environment of the Evergreen State. It's running in media markets across the state, and you can watch it for yourself here (Macromedia Flash required).
  • The state Democratic Party has also been busy. They've launched a new website,, which has facts on McGavick and stories from voters, reports from people who've challenged McGavick, and ten questions that M!ke won't answer.
  • Markos notes Darcy Burner's recent fundraising success on his front page and urges readers to donate to Burner and other Netroots Endorsed candidates through ActBlue. Meanwhile, the campaign began publicizing its figures more widely today: $580,000 was raised in the last quarter, bringing the total raised to $1.1 million. The campaign has more than $750,000 cash on hand. The DCCC says this incredible accomplishment will put Burner in the top fundraising tier for Democratic House challengersnationwide. (And yes, Stefan, we know you're disappointed).
  • The Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court (Gerry Alexander) was presented with a lifetime achievement award at the annual 9th Circuit Judicial Conference yesterday in California. The Seattle Times reports that "Alexander is the first Washington state resident to win the American Inns of Court Ninth Circuit Professionalism Award, which goes to a lawyer or judge 'whose life and practice display sterling character and unquestioned integrity.'" (Read the whole article here). Alexander is being challenged by John Groen, who is backed by the BIAW and other right wing, Republican groups hoping to stack the Supreme Court in November with ideologically tilted justices.
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