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Monday, July 31, 2006

BREAKING: Sierra Club endorses Darcy Burner in 8th District race

At a press conference today on Dave Reichert's home turf of Mercer Island, the Sierra Club announced its support of Darcy Burner's campaign to give the people of the 8th Congressional District a better representative.

Scott Otterson, the Polticial Chair of the Cascade Chapter, spoke on behalf of the Sierra Club in announcing the endorsement for Darcy:
There are two types of candidates we often see - those who think that problems such as global warming are too large to deal with so they choose to do nothing, and those who think there is no problem. "We are very excited to be endorsing Darcy Burner because she is one of the rare candidates who understands the problems, and also understands what it will take to solve them.
Darcy herself followed up by emphasizing the importance of the announcement.

"It is a great pleasure to be standing here today with an important new ally in my campaign for Congress," Darcy said. "We as a country have an enormous amount at stake when it comes to energy and conservation issues."

"My opponent has spent quite a bit of taxpayer money in the past couple of months trying to convince the voters in his district that on issues such as energy and the environment, he's on the side of the good guys," Darcy continued, holding up copies of Reichert's franked mailings.

"But this is the same Congressman who voted to pass an energy bill that gave away billions of dollars to oil companies that are already recording record profits. And this is the same Congressman who has voted for drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge almost as many times as he's voted against it."

"We need strong leaders who can rise to the challenge of making these investments," Darcy concluded. "It is clear that George Bush, Dave Reichert, and the Republicans in Congress are not those leaders. But I will be."

Darcy's campaign continues to grow stronger with each passing day, raising money, recruiting volunteers, picking up new allies, and inspiring voters.

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