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Saturday, July 08, 2006

BREAKING: Mark Wilson To Endorse Senator Maria Cantwell Tomorrow

In a sign of Democratic unity, Mark Wilson will tomorrow officially endorse Maria Cantwell and announce his intention to campaign for the Senator full time, NPI has learned.

The news, which may come as a surprise to many in the state's political circles, is a great sign that the State Democratic Party is quite healthy going into the 2006 midterm elections. While we Democrats prize dissent and the freedom to speak our minds, we also know how important it is to be united.

We can't win and become the majority party in Washington D.C. if we are fractured and splintered. Mark Wilson knows that the Bush administration and its cronies in Congress are slowly wreaking havoc on this country.

It is absolutely critical in 2006 that we mount the strongest effort possible to win back control of the Congress. And we can't do that if we're not united.

Tomorrow's event with Cantwell and Wilson should also make it to clear to pundits and political observers that the effort to reelect Cantwell is alive and well.

In his most recent column, Seattle P-I columnist Joel Connelly voiced concerns about the strength of Maria's campaign, noting that her Republican opponent (M!ke McGav!ck) is criscrossing the state on a tour engaging Washingtonians. Connelly began and ended his column by asking the question: Where's Cantwell?

It's a simple question, and it has a simple answer.

Maria Cantwell is in the U.S. Senate fighting for the people of the Evergreen State. And when she isn't in D.C. working on our behalf on Capitol Hill, she's here at home, meeting with constituents and engaging citizens.

NPI closely tracks Maria Cantwell's work in the U.S. Senate, and we are constantly reminded every week of our Senator's dedication to Washingtonians. Here's a sampling of the recent headlines from her office, all from within the last three weeks:
Cantwell Visits Clinic for Drug-Addicted Newborns, Calls for Immediate Help for Children Found at Meth Sites - Calls on Senate to approve $40 million for children and families impacted by meth

Cantwell, Local Military Widows Call on Congress to Improve Benefits for Spouses of Soldiers Killed in Action

Murray, Cantwell Vow to Continue Bid to Save States Millions in Medicaid Red Tape

Cantwell Delivers Remarks on Senate Floor Following Win In Enron Fight

Cantwell Votes Against Telecommunications Bill Based on Consumer Concerns - Cantwell backed Net Neutrality Amendment Fails on 11-11 Vote

Cantwell Works to Give Yakima Area Greater Control Over Local Land and Facilities
Cantwell's track record of tirelessly toiling away for us in our nation's capital is clearly beyond dispute. And as it so happens, Democrats need not worry that Cantwell isn't interested in practicing retail politics here at home. She is.

She's so committed to it that she has visited every one of the state’s 39 counties every year of her term - even in 2001, long before she began her reelection campaign. Maria believes that the best way to earn the support and trust of voters is to be the best Senator she possibly can be.

In recent weeks she has marched in the Burien Family Days parade, met with the Washington State Nurses Association, participated in the Ethnic Heritage Council Naturalization Ceremony, visited Fort Lewis, attended receptions up and down the Puget Sound, and appeared at a Hispanic Roundtable.

That doesn't sound like a campaign stuck in first gear. That sounds like a Senator reaching out to our state's many diverse communities.

It's easy for Mike McGavick to drive around in a RV on a speaking tour, and spend extra time and money promoting that tour to the media. (He certainly can afford to). He does not hold any political office, and he's quite wealthy (Safeco even gave him a large going away gift of $28.2 million earlier this year for two months of "work").

Maria can't roll around in an RV full time like McGavick can. But that doesn't mean her reelection campaign isn't on solid ground. The campaign is a hum of activity these days, and its regularly updated website reflects that.

Today, besides revealing that Mark Wilson will be endorsing the campaign tomorrow, Senator Cantwell made this announcement:
"I’m pleased to announce that Dal LaMagna will be joining my re-election campaign as co-chair. Dal is a strong community leader committed to our shared Northwest values, and he will be a valuable part of our team as we work together to win this November."
Again, this doesn't sound like a campaign that's missing in action. This sounds like a campaign that's energized and working to ensure a Democratic victory for Senator Cantwell and her fellow Democrats this November.

UPDATE: Here's the full text of the email Mark Wilson sent to his supporters. I could hardly believe it when I read it, but it's absolutely outstanding. We're in complete agreement. Of course, we've always supported Sen. Cantwell, from the very beginning of her reelection campaign.

A couple excerpts:
My conviction is that supporting Senator Cantwell is the surest way to winning for us all.


It is time for the Washington State progressive, peace and justice democratic community to come together again as a family united, working for our common goals for a hopeful future with real meaning for everyone.

United our voice has resonance and is heard. Together we will win with Team Cantwell in 2006. I am excited about bringing our voices forward in this campaign. I am at your service.
I can hardly wait for tomorrow's press conference.

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