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Friday, July 28, 2006

BREAKING: I-917 fails random sample check

The Secretary of State announced today that Tim Eyman's Initiative 917 has failed a random signature verification check of its signatures.

According to the Secretary of State, Eyman submited 266,006 petition signatures. 10,819 signatures (a 4% sample) were part of the random sample. Of these, 9,442 were valid signatures and 1,377 were determined invalid. (Signatures are invalid if the signer is not a registered voter or if he or she signed more than once. In addition, the number of duplicates found was 24, the Secretary of State said.)

This means the invalidation rate was 17.96% - too high for qualification.

Here's how the random sample process works:
A statistically valid percentage of signatures is selected at random and checked against voter registration records. A mathematical formula is then applied to the results to obtain a projected rate of invalidation. The invalidation rate includes the number of duplicates.
Election officials examined 10,819 (or a 4% sample) on I-917. From that inspection, it was determined that the measure had an invalidation rate, including duplicates, of 17.96%.

The Secretary of State will now do a complete check of every last signature submitted for I-917, which we've been told could take until the end of September.

Elections officials are reportedly going to try to have it finished before the end of August. Before the full count begins on I-917 they will first do random samples for the other three initiatives.

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