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Sunday, June 11, 2006

YearlyKos Reflections and Extra

I'm now back in Redmond, thankfully, where there's much less advertising, no slot machines, and vehicles don't become so hot that you can't touch anything in them (seatbelts, the glove compartment, even the steering wheel).

I have to admit that I enjoyed my time in Las Vegas. But I wouldn't want to live there. I like living here. Specifically, I like living here in the Puget Sound region, in Washington State.

It's always been home to me - and it always will be.

YearlyKos is over, but it was very exciting while it lasted. It was an amazing experience. Honestly, I think the trip was worth it just to meet people. But on top of that, we had great panel discussions, speeches from Democratic luminaries, free goodies, and lots of attention from the traditional media.

I promised another photo montage when I got back, and here it is. This includes pictures from Saturday, the third day of YearlyKos. I'd do a montage for today, too, but there wasn't that much to take pictures of. Plus I was busy packing and didn't have much spare time.

Photo subjects include The Riv, the sound/DJ tables, George Lakoff, Kossacks, Howard Dean, Bush impersonator James Adomian - and of course, Markos.

YearlyKos Photo Montage

Markos is in the center of this collection, with his restless son Aristotle perched on his shoulders.

Aristotle looks remarkably like I did when I was little, especially his light hair, which his mother (Elisa, Markos' wife) assured me would get darker, as mine has.

A few last thoughts: If you didn't see Markos on Meet the Press this morning, you really need to watch it. He was exceptional - didn't fall for any of Russert's tricks or "gotchas".

Teacherken has a nice reaction to YearlyKos here.

Also, Bloomberg has an interesting piece here from Roger Simon, which is somewhat flawed (for instance, I always cringe when I see the phrase "Internet web log"). But here's the major error Simon made:
The event, called the YearlyKos, was organized by Markos Moulitsas, a self-described Democratic activist and founder of the Daily Kos Web site.
That's wrong. YearlyKos was not organzed by Markos. It was organized by Gina Cooper, who simply got Markos' blessing to use his name as the brand for the convention. She and hundreds of volunteers put the event together. I emphasize the word "volunteer" because it wasn't a moneymaking venture.

I have tremendous respect for that kind of dedication, because I'm a volunteer myself - as is everyone at NPI.

Simon should have done a better job with his research. It doesn't sound like he was even at YearlyKos. If he was, that's embarrassing.

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