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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why campaign in Seattle?

Why not?

Stefan Sharkansky has a stupid, short, ridiculous post up at Sound Politics asking why Darcy Burner would speak at a rally in Seattle:

Darcy Burner with State Democratic Party Chairman "Cuba" Dwight Pelz, at an anti-Bush rally at Westlake Center.

If Darcy Burner wants to represent the 8th District, why is she campaigning in Seattle?
Gee, I dunno, Stefan - maybe because she can? There's nothing wrong with campaigning in Seattle, or anywhere else in Washington, or the U.S., for that matter. Republicans and Democrats alike frequently campaign or go to events outside of their districts. As a matter of fact....I seem to remember this headline from a year ago:
Cheney to campaign in Seattle for Reichert

Vice President Dick Cheney will visit Seattle Monday to raise money for freshman Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Wash.

Cheney's office confirmed the visit late yesterday. Cheney, who also campaigned for Reichert last year, is scheduled to address a noon luncheon at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Seattle.

Lee Anne McBride, a spokeswoman for Cheney, said the vice president was looking forward to visiting Washington state.

"Congressman Reichert is an important member in the House, and we look forward to working with him on a number of issues," McBride said.
So, Stefan - let me ask you this simple question: if Dave Reichert wants to represent the 8th District, why did he hold a fundraiser with Dick Cheney last year - in Seattle!?

You see, Stefan? You have no point to make here. You'd like to have some ammunition to fire at Darcy Burner's incredibly strong and growing campaign, but you just don't have any. Keep making pathetic, hypocritical, and meaningless attacks like this, and you'll be the laughingstock of the local blogosphere and the Evergreen State press corps.

Oh wait, I forgot - you already are.

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