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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Webb wins in Virginia

More good news coming off of the heels of Jon Tester's victory in the Montana primary last week:
James Webb, a former Navy secretary during the Reagan administration, won a rough Democratic primary fight in Virginia on Tuesday for the right to challenge Republican Sen. George Allen in November.

Webb, a former Republican who switched parties over his opposition to the Iraq war, defeated Democratic lobbyist Harris Miller after winning the support of several influential Washington Democrats.
What do D.C. political observers think about that? Here's Larry Sabato's take:
"Allen fears Webb. And he ought to," Sabato said. "Webb has some conservative positions and a conservative background in some ways, but he is staunchly anti-Iraq war. He's got military and intellectual credentials that make George Allen wilt."
James Webb will be a very serious challenger to the incumbent Republican Senator (George Allen) this November. It's good to see the best candidate is going forward to represent the Democrats.

Chalk up another victory for the netroots.

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