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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Stop the Estate Tax Repeal

The U.S. Senate today opened debate on a bill to repeal the estate tax (H.R. 8). Repeal of the estate tax would escalate the dangerous situation our national finances are already in, and give the wealthy a huge tax break they don't need.

When you consider that there's a very long list of issues the Senate should be working on right now - for example, raising the minimum wage, extending unemployment benefits for Katrina survivors (benefits just expired!), reversing recently enacted cuts in vital services, and getting to work protecting services from additional cuts in the new appropriations bills - this effort to enrich our country's top multimillionaires and billionaires is an outrage.

Please call Senators Murray and Cantwell if you live in Washington, or Senators Wyden and Smith if you live in Oregon, at this toll free number: 1-800-459-1887.

That's the U.S. Capitol Switchboard.

Ask to be connected to your Senator's office. (The best thing to do is just to call twice - once for each Senator). When you're connected, deliver a simple message, like this:
Please vote no on any effort to repeal or drastically cut the estate tax. With all the problems America faces, the Senate should not be wasting our national resources and its time on a giveaway of hundreds of billions of dollars or more to a handful of multimillionaires. We simply can't afford this draconian assault on our future.
Thanks for taking action.

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