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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

McKenna will appeal I-747 ruling

Gee, he sure made up his mind up pretty quickly....wonder why?
The state will appeal a judge's ruling that struck down a 2001 initiative limiting property tax increases, Attorney General Rob McKenna said Wednesday.

King County Superior Court Judge Mary Roberts ruled Tuesday that Initiative 747 was unconstitutional because voters believed they were amending another initiative - I-722 - that had passed earlier but had already been declared invalid.


McKenna said his office plans to file its direct appeal to the state Supreme Court this week.
And of course, the speedy decision has nothing to do with the fact that Rob McKenna was a coauthor of Initiative 747...or does it?

Nah...of course not.

So, Rob, what about Initiative 297? Are you going to appeal that decision, too? Or are you just not interested in defending that voter approved initiative?

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