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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Live from Las Vegas: YearlyKos coming to an end

Well, it's Sunday morning, and YearlyKos is just about over. We're having a morning brunch and one last panel to reflect back on what we learned, what we accomplished, and what we need to do once we get home.

Last night was truly awesome - it seems just about everybody was impressed with Harry Reid's speech last night. I know I certainly had a good time talking to other Kossacks afterward. I met activists from all across the country - Montana, New York, Florida, North Carolina.

YearlyKos has been getting quite a bit of press.
And here's something amazing for you: Markos' programmer, who goes by the username ct on Kos, had his residence destroyed by a truck which plowed through last night. He was fortunately not home at the time (since he was in Las Vegas) so he and his family were unhurt. He diaries what happened here.

Here's a picture I snapped of Harry Reid as he left the stage after his keynote address. I'll have another photo montage for you, hopefully, before the day is over.

Senator Reid at YearlyKos

One thing I truly enjoyed about YearlyKos that made this gathering very different from the state convention last weekend is that the atmosphere was just more relaxing. No tension over platforms, resolutions, or Maria Cantwell.

More important than anything else, perhaps, was that this conference we had - this convention - allowed us all to inspire each other, to learn from each other, and energize each other. By strengthening the bonds of community, I believe we have taken ourselves to new heights. There's no limit to what we accomplish.

We will have another YearlyKos next year - I am certain of it. And you can bet that next year's will be even bigger and better than this gathering.

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