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Friday, June 09, 2006

Live from Las Vegas: Totally Meta

Markos is moderating a panel about Daily Kos itself right now (the "Meta Kos" panel). So far this has been one of the best panel discussions yet. Panelists include Chris Bowers, Hunter, SusanG, and McJoan.

SusanG just finished talking about the difficulty of getting readers to follow you over to your own site from Kos itself, and addressed the pros and cons of crossposting.

"I want there to be more sites like Daily Kos," Markos says.

They've opened it up to questions. First one: "How do I navigate the sea of content on Daily Kos?" (Gee, no easy answer for that one.)

This panel is being broadcast right now on C-SPAN 2 - you can watch the stream here, over the Net, or you can watch if you have basic cable.

Other panels going on right now:

  • The Culture of Journalism: Getting a Story Out There - Naomi Seligman, Sam Seder, Adam Green, John Amato, John Aravosis
  • Healthcare- Tom Mattzie, Ezra Klein, Hale Stewart, Jennifer Palmieri
  • Framing Workforce Issues in the 2006 Election: How to talk to voters about economic security. Presenters: Naomi Walker, David Carpio, Tula Connell, Jesse Berney and Chris Kenngott
  • Winning in the States: Skills workshop on Passing the Progressive Agenda. Presenter: Nathan Newman
  • Religion Roundtable hosted by Kety Esquivel
UPDATE: The panel just concluded. We had a lot of people ask questions, some of them very intriguing - most related to site structure, how to find what you're looking for, encouraging lurkers to comment, expanding the Recommended List, rewarding diarists who do good work, and so on.

I saw Markos afterward and asked him about the possibility of doing a "sort by locality" feature where you could sort diaries by region or state. We do this on Pacific Northwest Portal through the Kos diary tracker, and I find it very handy for spotting diaries I myself would otherwise miss. Markos, as I expected, is understandedly loathe to add new buttons or clutter.

The most practical solution we could think of, as far as Daily Kos itself is concerned, was to make better use of the tag system, so people could sort by state (i.e. "Washington") or region (i.e. "Pacific Northwest").

The trick is getting people to put the proper tags on their diaries about local politics. Perhaps, with some encouragement from the frontpagers (or contributing editors, as they like to call themselves) such a system could work. Because I think being able to find diaries from writers in your particular geographical area is cool.

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