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Friday, June 09, 2006

Live from Las Vegas: Relive YearlyKos

I'm watching the "Hot Topics" panel discussion right now. We've talked quite a bit about the Lieberman/Lamont race, the national political mood, and the upcoming 2006 midterm elections in general. (It is, of course, the "Hot Topics" panel).

I wanted to mention, though, that you can see the important parts of YearlyKos for yourself on video. While C-SPAN isn't covering everything, PoliticsTV has a number of video clips that are worth watching, if you weren't here - so you can relive YearlyKos for yourself:
Other panels or workshops meeting right now:
  • Moving Beyond the Failure of Conservative Economics - Sterling Newberry, Rep. Brad Miller, Linda Beale, Kathleen Tyson-Quah, Hale Stewart
  • The View from the Ground: Iraq Veterans on the War and Returning Home - Paul Rieckhoff, Perry Jefferies, Robert Acosta, Abbie Pickett
  • Technology in the Labor Movement & Field Integration Presenters: Mike Noonan, John See, Judith Freeman and Chris Kenngott
  • Building a Progressive Media Infrastructure Roundtable hosted by Kim Spencer
    Feminism Roundtable hosted by Elisa Batista
The Hot Topics panel is currently talking about the possibility of a Republican "October Surprise" this fall.

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