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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Live from Las Vegas: More Photos

As promised earlier, here is another montage of photos from YearlyKos. These photos are all from yesterday, and range from snapshots of panel participants to glimpses of Vegas at night.

YearlyKos Photo Montage

And yes, that image at the bottom (the computer) really is an ice sculpture. Engraved into it were the words "Blogosphere at the Stratosphere". The big image in the middle, to the right, shows Senator Barbara Boxer giving her keynote address.

As I was finishing this post, a reporter from NPR walked up and asked to do an interview with me. He asked if I would write that I was being interviewed in real time as he interviewed me - so, here goes:
I'm currently being interviewed live by NPR at the Royale room where we're about to hear from a superstar panel of netroots candidates.
Turns out the reporter - Luke - is from the Seattle area and went to Nathan Hale High School, which operates my favorite radio station, C 89.5. He guessed I was a Mustang from RHS.

What are the odds?

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