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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Live from Las Vegas: Lunch with Gov. Warner

After this morning's infrastructure panel, I decided to go to Lakoff's panel on framing (Whose Freedom? What Progressives and Conservatives Mean By "Freedom" and "Liberty" and Why It Matters For Elections).

Lakoff did a really good job of explaining what conservatives believe "freedom" is. For example, religious liberty to conservatives means having "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance, or having "In God We Trust" engraved on our coins. The presentation was essentially a summary of Lakoff's new book, Whose Freedom? The Battle Over America's Most Important Idea.

Today's sessions are shorter than yesterday's; each is only an hour in length. After the Lakoff workshop, I headed up to the press room to put the photo montage in the last post together, and to see what's happening on Pacific Northwest Portal.

I went back to the Royale Pavilion for lunch, joining most other convention attendees. Upon entering I noticed that just about every chair in the room had been draped with a black T-shirt from Mark Warner's Forward Together PAC. He really has gone all out to make his presence known at YearlyKos.

I'd never heard Warner speak before, and though I've heard the "we have to transcend partisanship" speech a million times before, Warner did come across as genuine. He knows how to present himself. He clearly demonstrated how he stopped bickering in Virgina and got people to work together instead.

Warner touched on all the important issues in his address - from fiscal policy to environmental policy, from foreign policy to Net Neutrality. (He also mentioned broadband access many times.) He talked about innovation, the need for a strong education system and a strong healthcare system.

And he did sound presidential, but if he's going to run for the Democratic nomination, he's going to need to talk more about the whole country and not just Virginia. We need a fifty state nominee, not a one state nominee.

Of course, this is 2006, and it's early. Warner's a smart guy. He understands the Internet revolution and he understands how important we are. That's why he made YearlyKos such a huge priority - putting on a big gala reception, giving all convention attendees free goodies, and delivering a speech over lunch today.

After Warner's address we were treated to another hilarious appearance from Bush impersonator James Adomian. Then, we heard from several netroots candidates - Eric Massa, Joe Sestak, and Brian Keeler.

Next are the last series of panel discussions and workshops, and then after that it'll be on to the evening festivities and the end of the last full day of YearlyKos.

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