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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


News originally posted at 4:45 via mobile, updated at 5:15 and 6 PM

OLYMPIA - Tim Eyman showed up today at the Secretary of State's office clad in a blue t-shirt reading "Let the Voters Decide", but he didn't have the signatures necessary to qualify Referendum 65 for the ballot.

According to Eyman (who can't be trusted) the number of signatures collected was 105,103. Eyman tabulated several different counts of signatures in front of the media, and scowled in exasperation as he realized he simply didn't have enough.

Eyman Fails

Of course, Eyman is a proven, admitted liar - so his signature count is a worthless number. He probably had much less.

Eyman cohort Jack Fagan opened a bottle of sparking cider before Eyman tallied the numbers. The liquid appropriately shot up through the top of the bottle and splattered onto the ground.

So Referendum 65 will not qualify for the November ballot, and the Washington Won't Discriminate campaign - and Permanent Defense - is already victorious.

This, of course, is simply another failure in a growing list of failures for Eyman. Other recent failures include I-892 and I-864 (2004), I-807 (2003) and I-267 (2002).

Eyman and his allies appeared very downcast after it was apparent they did not have enough signatures. Leaders from right wing religious groups spoke defensively, trying to spin the defeat, but acknowledged they had failed.

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