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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Darcy Burner needs our support

Please Recommend Now!!!!

Darcy Burner has posted a diary to Daily Kos, appealing for support from the netroots to help offset the $800,000 that Republican incumbent Dave Reichert hopes to raise from tomorrow's fundraiser with George W. Bush in Medina:
Dave Reichert is a Bush Republican, a Dick Cheney Republican, and a Tom Delay Republican. Tom Delay has given thousands to Reichert's reelection campaign. Dick Cheney was in Seattle a year ago today holding a fundraisier for Dave Reichert.

And tomorrow - President Bush will arrive in Medina for an exclusive, private gathering to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for Dave Reichert. Reichert has said the goal for the fundraiser is $800,000.

We don't have the ability to call together wealthy pals to dump money into this race.

But we do have you.

Karl Rove sends Bush to very few districts around the country to raise money. The fact that Rove is sending Bush here is a clear sign that they are very afraid of losing this seat.

If we're to beat Dave Reichert - if we're going to take back the 8th this November - we need to maintain a competitive edge.

I have made a personal investment to win this. But ultimately, this race is in your hands. I need your help to show Karl Rove that bringing the President into a race is a bad move.
Please read the whole thing - and recommend.

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