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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Convention Experience

I've posted a diary at DailyKos detailing my experience liveblogging the 2006 Democratic Convention this weekend:
Over the last two days (Friday and Saturday, June 2nd - 3rd) I've been in Yakima, Washington, attending the Washington State Democrats' 2006 Convention, representing the Northwest Progressive Institute - and providing live coverage of the proceedings on NPI's Official Blog.

I'm not going to use this diary to relive everything that happened at the convention, but I do want to share my experience with fellow netroots activists.

I believe this was the first convention in our state party's history to be liveblogged, and not only that, but also "livepictured" and "livevideoed".

Over a total of two days, I wrote 17 posts detailing happenings at the convention. I actually posted more than that because I updated several of my posts. So I actually "posted" close to thirty times.

The average amount of time most delegates spent at the convention (excluding when we all retired to our hotel rooms to sleep) was roughly 26 hours. If you divide that by the number of times I posted, that's about a post every single hour - which is pretty amazing.
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